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03 January 2010 @ 07:52 pm
I've been for months completly disconnected from my music downloading habits. During this last semestre from August to December I had to discontinue my crave for downloading about 10 music albums a day of different genres. Let's just say it's my gasoline for everything I do, including the time I spend looking for muse when I try to do something creative.

Anyhow, I recently checked out regen's podcasting page at www.regenmag.com and read the latest news about upcoming artists. It came as a surprise that a lot of artists that I love are releasing new albums for this year, so I'm super thrilled for that.


I found this music video of Rabia Sorda on the Regen's music video page and has me totally hooked!

It features lots of hard noisy crunching mechanical beats, loud percussion and harsh aggressive vocals. It's your typical EBM-Industrial track, but it's still attractive, to me at least.

I've never heard of them before, mind my slight ignorance for a few seconds, but they reminded me a lot of Hoccico and Nurzery Rhymes.

Enjoy! :)

22 June 2009 @ 10:56 pm
This song.. it's stuck in my head and I can't get it out.
I was so into it that I searched every little corner around the net to see if I could download the album.

I was persistent enough until I finally stumbled upon this forum where I had to make a subscription, but I always have back up e mail adresses for these things cause I don't like to give out information.

About the album:

It's entierly sang in japanese of course, those tracks will usually have more upbeat tones and a more cheerful but relaxed atmosphere. There are instrumental tracks as well, they're softer and more careful into detail, or so I think.

It's kinda "preppy" for my taste personally, but I'm a sucker for soft electronic beats with soothing vocals. At leats from time to time. It helps me relax, just about enough to clear my head about a thing or two.

I'll share the link here just in case if you're interested in downloading it. The file's stored in megaupload, so you have to follow the "Click to download" and "Wait 45 minutes" to click "regular download" thing in order to get it.



I hope you enjoy it as much as I am :)
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21 June 2009 @ 03:38 am

I've been watching countless times this month Howls Moving Castle that it's almost ridiculous, but I love this movie. I've wanted to sketch a few things related to a few scenes from the flick, but apparently I'm running always short on time with all the work I have to do around the house now that I'm the paternal figure around. But that's a completely different story that I'll eventually post in another journal entry.

Getting back to what I was writing about...

It's a good movie, so try to make the effort sometime soon to rent, buy or watch it online. I got my greasy little hands on it thanks to my friend Tomoe =)

Here's a movie trailer so you can have a sneak peek of what it's about.



And here's a little something I liked, just because I love the song and I think it suits the mood. It's a shame that the entire AMV wasn't about the movie overall. Still, hope you enjoy somehow.



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13 June 2009 @ 01:06 am

I work eight hours 5 days a week
I've been sleeping more than usual
I had my car fixed due to an accident in which I had to replace the entire glass viewer
During the weekends I stay out too late out on the street
I've been sketching some designs for something very important this year
I'm starting to work out again
I've been trying to get someone off my back for the past three weeks now, I should be honest...or more BLUNT
My father's been keeping his promises
And I feel a lot more refreshed ever since summer started :)


I'll keep posting eventually when I feel I have somethign really eventful to write about, I'll be either updating this journal with something more interesting in creative terms, or just making a new accout. I've only vented negative things on this one and it has too many posts I do not want to recall ever again.


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06 May 2009 @ 12:55 pm
Sometimes I think...

A little too much, I don't know. I guess the people whom you believe
close to you are the ones who end up disappointing you the most.
Sometimes I feel soiled. My skin reacts in a way that I feel disgust over it.
Like when you take a bite off of something and someone else sinks their teeth into it.

I'm the type of guy that can take a lot of things, but never a second hand place.
Or even worse, a spoiled, tainted apple.
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04 March 2009 @ 12:24 am
A small chld was drawing a picture and his teacher said,
"That's an interesting picture. Tell me about it"
Ït's a picture of God"
"But nobody knows what God looks like"
"They will when I get done"

source Unknown

Even though I can't say I belive in such a thing
This really caved in a different manner anyway....
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29 December 2008 @ 11:27 pm
Tic Tock, strikes the clock
Tic tock, it's not enough
Tic tock, rings the bell
Tic tock, it never ends

Tic tock, it's not a clock
Tic Tock....


Into the sky it flew
The final heart strum...

It blew just as a bomb
08 December 2008 @ 08:28 pm
I've been managing ways to deal with all the stress I have this week due to all the ridiculous amount of work I still have. I finish on Thursday apparently, which I'm glad because I thought that last test was for tomorrow *Tuesday 9th*

Bit by bit work is reducing to it's minimum, but so it's time, I hope i can finish it all up well.
I just decided to make this entry to distract myself a little, but here's the purpose of this of this particular entry....


I'll give it more body a little later, but I thought that you might be interested in seeing this version of the story.
06 October 2008 @ 10:03 am
Seeing as I haven't made any efforts at all to read for pleasure rather than the material given in my advertising classes, I decided to startt vaguely with something I enjoyed doing...


For as nerdy as it may sound, I remember I used to collect volumes and volumes of different series. It was a rampaging addiction, but it doesn’t surprise me now that I'm older because I remember feeding on these graphic novels since 4th grade. I guess it ended all after I graduated from high school, not that it didn't matter anymore to me, but I remember savoring stacks of different volumes from different series I loved in a corner of Borders when I was only able to go once or twice a month since I lived quite far away from the bookstore. So I just fed on what little "good" material I could get my hands on at a small shop in Ponce called "News Dream and Superheroes", which closed a little after I got into high school.

I usually ordered different series by catalogue, but they arrived months after, so I just settled with whatever they had in stock. Anyway, I guess I decided to randomly start to explore a bit more around the things I used to like with passion, maybe it’ll be vehicle to start gaining interest in other things.

So the purpose of this entry....

This graphic novel caught my attention last saturday browsing with Saki a few books to just chill around while we waited for some friends to go see a movie, which we ended up not going at all. Still it caught my attention seeing as I have quite a selective eye for colors and my perseption of them. When I picked it up from the shelf my sight quickly registered an aristocrat style. I'm a sucker for victorian esque and aristocrat fashions. So I quickly gained interest on the book. (*the kind of reader that falls for flashy cover art)

So this graphic novel is about  vampire siblings (*cliche much) that survive through their existence with human blood in order to live life under the sun. They're very selective about whom they'll feed on for some reason, but I guess the interesting part of it all is that they're a single person that shifts sex to it's convenience. The plot does seem repetitive enough, but I guess I'll give it a chance seeing as I've only went through the fist 30 pages. Which is basically nothing with all the graphic content.

I provided a link with a review if you'd like to see it, I'm just updating my journal since I didn't have my first period at the university ;D

I'll keep posting if I find anything else, seeing as the series isn't yet available to download anywhere :/
So if you find anything about it I'd appreciate the info :)

~Kuran T.

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23 September 2008 @ 10:09 pm
El sonido de la lluvia,
Esas gotas agraciadas
Todavía las recuerdo como  campanas

Es toda una grán sinfonía
Que hubiese querido compartir contigo en la mañana
Simples memorias, que ya quedarán en telarañas

~Kuran T.